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Divya R.T
Passionate Singer, Educator, Education Data Analyst and Vocal Coach
Vocal Techniques for Beginners Breath Control & Pitch Training for Singers Free Speech Development Vocal Health and Wellness
Divya R.T. was trained in carnatic music as a child. Having re-discovered her passion a few years ago, she decided to research on vocal techniques and began training on her own with the help of available open source technical information and mostly instinctive music knowledge she already possessed. Previously from a science background, she understood the science behind sound production and voice pretty well, and strong training in learner centric content design and assessment development formed a great basis for building content for Vox Coach. Her own official Facebook page regularly showcases information on vocal techniques, renditions and student testimonials. Having recently completed a project as Project Head at Shankar Mahadevan Academy, and having earned a Berklee Online School Certificate in "Creativity & Entrepreneurship in Music Industry", this singer who has worked with bands and music producers, is ready to roll as a vox coach.

quote-left Teaching is my calling. I love to use the scientific inquiry approach which motivates kids to ask questions constantly about the information they are being fed so that they develop, hone and apply skills at a young age. As a vocal coach, I wish to take to people courses that will help heighten confidence, improve personalities and facilitate outcomes such as free flow of speech, breath control, vocal modulations applicable to public speaking, singing etc. quote-right

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Teach kids to sing better
7-12 Music
Started on Mar 22 2020
4 live classes